by Paradox


iParadox is designed by Paradox to help with your security and we help with the integration of the iParadox app with your IP Cameras and a lot more.

With iParadox app all you need is 3G or WiFi with that then you can remotely arm and disarm your security system via your app on your mobile device.

You can keep up to date with your system’s status to check if alarms went off or there was a problem activating the alarm system. It will also give you access to the history to make sure where there might be problem areas in your home or office.

The app is available for IOS and Android devices.

It also comes with the PGM outputs; with that, you can control your home.

  • Control Electronic Doors
  • Control lights
  • Control Pool pump & Irrigation System
  • Makes sure that you don’t have to give out your code but can still let people into your house through a specific door.

by Hikvision

iVMS 4500

iVMS 4500 is created by HikVision.

iVMS 4500 app is available for IOS and for Android as well as it works on the web so as long as you can get onto the internet you would be able to go onto iVMS

With the help of the IP Cameras that are connected to the internet, you will then be able to record everything that is going on you can view it at a later stage if needed, you can also take pictures as well as be able to add more than one device to the system.

With the account details, you will be able to connect from any desktop in the world to view what is going on by just choosing what camera you would like to view or by viewing all of them at once.