Authorised installer for

Verifier Offsite Monitoring

Integrated Technology Xone is an independent authorised installer for Verifier Offsite Monitoring.

We work with only the best and that is why we work with Verifier, they have proven their skill in the field of Commercial to Farm Monitoring, with a list of satisfied clients. They work with an easy system, with the basics being of starting with the surveillance and monitoring systems installed by Us and remotely monitored by Verifier, which then will dispatch crime prevention teams.


What Verifier

is all about

Verifier was founded by Mike Voortman and started trading as Verifier in 2009, he started it in order to supply a service providing monitoring and monitoring alone. In 2010 Mike joined with James Deary, they then together have grown Verifier into a one of SA’s best Management Assistance and Preventative Security Services every where from Your house to your business.